I spoke of WONDER & AWE

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Yesterday I spoke about AWE & WONDER. I wanted to share with you an expression of that through the work of Heather Jansch, a collector of driftwood. Her sensitive work comes through years of feelings for and hard observation of animals, especially horses. The creatures are not static but filled with vitality.
Today I would also point you to some great comments on the Robert Genn website http://clicks.robertgenn.com/ and the current post 'Fighting the Double Demons'
A quote from the present posting:
Long do we wrestle with the mysteries of motivation. What makes some folks jump out of bed and others lie in? Without a motive we are dead turkeys; with one we can win over both the world and ourselves. Passion is earned in the doing, not arbitrarily handed out as a gift. "It's motive alone which gives character to the actions of men." (
Jean de La Bruyere)
In effect 'the blank canvas is scary - so paint it - and get on and do something with it!'