Monday, 29 March 2010

CERISE & BLACK ... Howardians

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Sian & myself had a special treat on Sunday watching the Howardians WIN 3/2 against one of the Uni teams in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. It is a long time since we had seen hockey played. I was not familiar with 'a watered pitch' ...where an enormous quantity of the wet stuff is sprayed onto the artificial pitch prior to the game. The speed of the ball was phenomenal. We were 'gobsmacked' by the skill of the players ...just amazing. I'm sold!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


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Looking out of the window Sian saw a flash of something. One brief moment of standing still showed it to be a field vole. The vole is apparently a very common creature in Europe. It will most probably become a meal for our local owl, but meanwhile we will enjoy his/her scurrying to and fro at a speed that I'm sure breaks all traffic codes.
I found this wonderful photo on the internet by Andy Sands. He must have glued it to the spot to have taken this!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

The MONASTERY of ST BARNABAS the Encourager

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Much closer to home than Caldey Island is a very monastery just a short drive above Y Drenewydd. If the noise of the world is getting to you and you need to get alone to listen again this may well be the place for you.

SKY - TENBY ... Winter Day

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For no other reason than I think it is beautiful, the sand at Tenby. Just a short journey by boat from this spot brings you to the Caldey Island Monastery, where we spent three or four days a few years ago.

Friday, 19 March 2010


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There is nothing of interest on TV so I thought I would just have a play with colour. What could be better. This is another view of the beautiful Powis Castle - not to be confused with the county of POWYS which stretch almost from top to bottom of Wales and has more sheep than people.


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Spring is just out of sight, around the next corner, the ground has gone soft again and the seeds are ordered and the postman knocks. This is that special time of year when everything takes you by surprise. One day there is NOTHING then suddenly there are daffodils, primulas, buds, dead twigs busting into life. It's as if the alarm clock has gone off - get those potatoes chitted, broad beans in their tubes, half hardy seeds on the window ledge. You want to shout SLOW DOWN ...I've got other things to do you know! But nothing can stop it now ...and are we glad YES!

Thursday, 11 March 2010


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This is a painting I have spent about half an hour on so far. Occasionally when I paint I just can't decide whether to go further. I love the vagueness, the freshness, the calm pastoral quality as it is. To do more might well spoil the whole feel. To fiddle with it might improve many parts but lose the 'fresh impression'. The trouble is I am not very good at coming back to paintings like some artists. With me it is an immediate act.
So I thought I would post it as it is just in case it is lost forever.

Friday, 5 March 2010


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Today we went for a two hour walk through the grounds of POWIS CASTLE. What a wonderful gift and so close to home. There were so many signs of Spring but it is best not to get too excited as things can suddenly change during March. We saw deer in the distance, pussy willows on the trees, snowdrops under the hedgerows together with so much birdsong.
Tonight we go to a celebration meal for Saint David's Day (patron Saint of Wales - March 1st). I am hoping to sing the beautiful Welsh lullaby Suo Gan (Sea-O-Gaaarn).

Thursday, 4 March 2010


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This is a spread from an old book by one of my favourite artists. In 1986 Trevor Chamberlain along with Ron Ranson of 'Big Brush fame', published this book 'Oil Painting - pure and simple'.
It illustrates an important point in all painting - that of VALUES - if the painting still works in black and white it is well on the way to being a success. Also shown is counterpoint, those place where strong dark and bright light come together. Perhaps for me at this time the most interest is in the easily seen large patterns (almost like huge jigsaw pieces), one of which can be see in the dark sides of the houses. It is these simple blocks that give a strong unity to his work.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Posted by PicasaToday I put about 40 small paintings into just two small display cabinets in Newtown Library. This is not the best way to exhibit work but it is a good way of showing my smaller work. Next month I have the library space again but this time the large hanging spaces of four walls, with professional hanging fitments.
So, we shall see what comes of the small paintings ...the first time they have been shown to the public. There are quite a few local scenes.
On a number of occasions while I was in the library I saw a lot of viewing going on.


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