CERISE & BLACK ... Howardians

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Sian & myself had a special treat on Sunday watching the Howardians WIN 3/2 against one of the Uni teams in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. It is a long time since we had seen hockey played. I was not familiar with 'a watered pitch' ...where an enormous quantity of the wet stuff is sprayed onto the artificial pitch prior to the game. The speed of the ball was phenomenal. We were 'gobsmacked' by the skill of the players ...just amazing. I'm sold!


Rabea said…
Hi Gary,

Your paintings and photos are inspiring. I would like to visit Wales some day.

I was first inspired to do watercolors by a book of John Blockley, and your photos remind me of his work.
Gary said…
Guess who my favourite watercolour artist was when I first started painting? John Blockly! you must be a man of GREAT DISCERNMENT.
Wales is a very interesting country because there are many different kinds of scenery, near the sea, lowlands, high mountains and hills everywhere and even wilderness. Most of Wales is still unspoiled. Wales also has both a language & a culture than cannot be separated.