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This is a painting I have spent about half an hour on so far. Occasionally when I paint I just can't decide whether to go further. I love the vagueness, the freshness, the calm pastoral quality as it is. To do more might well spoil the whole feel. To fiddle with it might improve many parts but lose the 'fresh impression'. The trouble is I am not very good at coming back to paintings like some artists. With me it is an immediate act.
So I thought I would post it as it is just in case it is lost forever.


Sasha Cook said…
It's fresh and lovely. I also loved your exhibition of large paintings in the library. Do you belong to any local art club or society? I used to go to two of them back in East Midlands but could find anything here so far. Thank you.
Gary said…
Thanks Sasha - there are a number of art classes operating both in Y Drenewydd and Y Trallwng run by Dorothy Scrivener if you are interested I could put you in touch. I think the local one would be too easy for you.
I don't attend any classes or clubs ... I was put off them many years ago.
Sasha Cook said…
Thank you very much! Yes, I am defenitely interested. I was lucky to belong (in the past) to groups where artists came together to do they own work, indoors or outdoors, invited models, had occasional workshops and lots of exhibitions, which wasn't too bad.
Gary said…
Are you aware of the 'life modelling classes' often held at Oriel Davies?
Type in from your PC 'Dorothy Scrivener SAA' that will take you to her entry - if you then click that entry you will be taken to a page of local POWYS tutors etc.
Sasha Cook said…
I went to a monoprint workshop at the gallery once, a couple of month ago. I've found Dorothy Scrivener' contact number. Thank you very much!