Friday, 30 April 2010

THE END - or a new start?

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Another really good exhibition comes to an end - all packed away. Lots of interest, fair number of sales to keep the tax man happy. Who knows what might develop from this show.
It is always sad to see the paintings come down because it is one of the rare occasions when I have a chance to see my own work as an entirety - a chance to see the developing style or the changes over the years rather than being on top of one canvas at a time. Oh to have a studio!


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Sian keeps saying, after receiving this lovely birthday present, 'SEE! I TOLD YOU OUR GARDEN IS SMALL!'

Thursday, 29 April 2010


One swallow doesn't make a summer - BUT - to have seen 'three house martin' in the last two days is a sign! It's a sign that those who know and understand are telling us that things are getting better, that the air is at least warm enough for them to travel to their temporary home for the summer. Bring it on.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


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This is my new designed planting distance device. It quickly enables me to place plants at 1/4/9/16 plants per square foot. My old 'square foot device' as you can see it close to collapse. While Sian was away in Newcastle recently I created three new deep beds (in the lawn) ... there is still plenty of space to sit and read and sip 'rosehip tea'. Sadly the weather is still so cold here that there is little sign of life in the beds ... but a time will come. A careful look at the end bed shows where the 'blackbird' has decided to do the gardening for me ... I have to keep going around collecting the soil.


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This is a painting I had forgotten about. It was piled against the wall along with other canvases - this was very thin, being in a clip frame for safety. Very soon it will travel to Cardiff to begin its new life. This is one of a set of paintings that were very important at the time ...each one sold very quickly, sometimes before they got onto the exhibition space.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Posted by PicasaI have just come back from taking these two paintings to Brecon as part of their journey to Cwmbran. They will be sadly missed. The first one tells the story of my first Christmas in Drenewydd. It shows Carol Services in three churches - Saint David's, now closed, All Saint's and Llanllwchaiairn. If I were with you now I could point out the communion rail from Llallwchaiairn, the Christmas trees from a festival competition of 'Newtown shops/business/schools/clubs decorate a tree', and the choir robes and congregation of All Saint's. The special services of Christmas are always very atmopheric.
The second painting is taken from a well known view in North Wales of Moelfre.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


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This painting of Aberaeron finds a new home today with birthday girl Charis Warrell.
Aberaeron is a very wonderful place to use as a base to explore Cardigan Bay and all the surrounding area. It is one of the few 'planned towns' of Wales with is streets purposely planned in blocks instead of the usual jumble of 'add-ons'. At this moment the sea board side is being given protection from the wild sea as the town could become easy access to high tide flooding and erosion.

Monday, 19 April 2010


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The winter rains can transform many of the valleys in Wales. Complete farmland can disappear overnight. A month later and the fields will be green again and filled with frolicking sheep. The Welsh landscape is one of constant change. Don't think you ever know Wales because it will be different a few moments later. As you leave - TURN AROUND!

For Sale - acrylic on canvas - £70 +P&P 


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I don't know whether other artists have this problem, but recently I have been surprised when people have asked to buy a certain painting. Many of them have similar titles so if one is sold I cancel out all the others in my head. When the above painting was bought I gave over the phone the price of the larger one with the same name - there was a gasp of air and a mini scream at the other end of the phone - I was thankfully able to correct this.

Monday, 12 April 2010


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What with three buzzards mewing overhead, bats at dusk, owls starring at me from rooftops and now sparrowhawks swooping down to the bird-table its no wonder our little vole has 'left the building'. Such a privilege just sitting eating breakfast and viewing our own private nature reserve .

Saturday, 10 April 2010


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This piece was painted after walking the local country lanes. During most of the year the hedgerows become a barrier to seeing, but in the winter each gap reveals a new hidden world. I wanted to create in each of the holes 'little secrets', a church, a flock of sheep, a landscape, or just being starred at by creatures of the dark. These secret holes are, during most of the year, the motorways of travel for many birds. Remove the hedgerows and you remove the highways, the means of travel for an enormous number of travellers.

Friday, 9 April 2010


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Ro'n ni'n cerdded yn ol o Gwasanaeth Cristnogoli Ddysgwyr Cymraeg noswaith diwetha pryd yn sydun dw'n sylfaenu fy hunan wyneb yn wyneb efo gwdihw.

What I hope I have just said is:
'I was walking back from a Christian Service for Welsh learners last nigh when all of a sudden I found myself face to face with an owl'. We both stared at each other for some time until he/she silently flew off into the night.
It has always been a dream of mine to see an owl. Hearing and seeing them is very different. Because from MY point of view it was dark I was not able to identify the owl, but I guess it is the one who has made a meal of 'the vole' of a few posts back!

Google Translate says:
Yr wyf yn cerdded ar ôl gan y Gwasanaeth Dysgwyr Cymraeg Cristnogoli nos diwethaf pan yn sydyn
cefais fy hun yn wyneb yn wyneb â dylluan.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


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'Seascape' sold along with an unexpected encounter with a fellow Christian from Southern India. What a great guy to talk to.


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Slowly I am selling work in my latest exhibition. People are taking more interest than usual but are slower to make that final decision. This must hit those even harder whose prices are much higher than mine.
I am so glad to see the Welsh Farm above going to a new home in Llanfyllin. (Sorry! - I didn't even offer you a cup of tea).

Monday, 5 April 2010

POWYS is known for having more sheep than people.
Yesterday we had a very special treat. We were driven up, high above Drenewydd to a farm where lambing was in progress. I was able to watch as one of the ewe's gave birth - very quickly indeed. Within a matter of minutes the newly born lamb was alert, eyes open, showing great signs of life. A few moments later and the new arrival was up on all fours looking for milk.
Sian was able to give milk to six little ones ... showing obvious delight (Sian, that is).
What a busy time for farmers when sheep decide to lamb at the most unsociable hours. So solicitors, shopkeepers, school children and managers all put on different hats and become midwives until mid April.


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