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Ro'n ni'n cerdded yn ol o Gwasanaeth Cristnogoli Ddysgwyr Cymraeg noswaith diwetha pryd yn sydun dw'n sylfaenu fy hunan wyneb yn wyneb efo gwdihw.

What I hope I have just said is:
'I was walking back from a Christian Service for Welsh learners last nigh when all of a sudden I found myself face to face with an owl'. We both stared at each other for some time until he/she silently flew off into the night.
It has always been a dream of mine to see an owl. Hearing and seeing them is very different. Because from MY point of view it was dark I was not able to identify the owl, but I guess it is the one who has made a meal of 'the vole' of a few posts back!

Google Translate says:
Yr wyf yn cerdded ar ôl gan y Gwasanaeth Dysgwyr Cymraeg Cristnogoli nos diwethaf pan yn sydyn
cefais fy hun yn wyneb yn wyneb â dylluan.