POWYS is known for having more sheep than people.
Yesterday we had a very special treat. We were driven up, high above Drenewydd to a farm where lambing was in progress. I was able to watch as one of the ewe's gave birth - very quickly indeed. Within a matter of minutes the newly born lamb was alert, eyes open, showing great signs of life. A few moments later and the new arrival was up on all fours looking for milk.
Sian was able to give milk to six little ones ... showing obvious delight (Sian, that is).
What a busy time for farmers when sheep decide to lamb at the most unsociable hours. So solicitors, shopkeepers, school children and managers all put on different hats and become midwives until mid April.


raasartscircle said…
Lovely indeed is Drenewydd. Living in the hot and wet equatorial country of Malaysia, Drenewydd appears magical to my eyes. What wonderful opportunities for painting, the landscape presents.
I will bet you say the same about the geography of my country.Happy New Year.