Sorry to those who are used to seeing a new 'something' each day on my posts. I have been working in the garden - sowing seeds - mowing lawns - learning Welsh at class and on the computer ( - visiting friends - having people to stay - going down the gym 3 times a week - preparing sermons ......BUT all the time looking for new things to paint. Each year I go through this apparently unproductive time, usually much earlier, this time having two exhibitions to prepare for. I don't know if other artists have this quiet patch. Shall I paint small / large, something familiar / the same again, free palette / restricted palette? It's not a depression, more of a brooding, a wanting to move on and up in some way.

I have just seen on Robert Genn's site that many artists have a similar experience.


absurdoldbird said…
It's really strange that you've posted this link as I'm in the process of learning French with a Michel Thomas CD course and had been wishing that there was a Welsh language course like it as I'm finding it so good - and now I've listened to a few minutes of this Welsh course it's obviously that's it's based on the Michel Thomas system. But - which is the one I should use? I'd think the North version rather than the South, as I'm in Powys (a few miles from Newtown). Any idea?
absurdoldbird said…
Oh, by the way, yes, I go through this sort of dry patch, quite frequently. I find that if I stop worrying about it and do something else, that the inspiration returns.
Gary said…
The whole Welsh scene is difficult. I have been learning Welsh in Y Drenewydd ...always following the North Wales course books. But many other North Walien course books use words, phrases & patterns I am told are South Walien. is no different, so I have decided to go through both,North & South as I am living in the middle of this blessed land.