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Gregynog Hall has been a grand house for over 800 years.
Gregynog Hall might have been demolished had not the wealthy Davies sisters acquired it in 1920 to become the headquarters of their enterprise to bring art, music and creative skills to the people of Wales in the aftermath of the First World War. For twenty years the house was full of music, fine Margaret Sidney Daviesfurniture and ceramics, hand-printed books from the Gregynog Press and, most extraordinary of all, the sisters’ collection of paintings by artists such as Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh. Personalities such as George Bernard Shaw and Gustav Holst visited during these years for concerts and conferences –or simply to enjoy the beautiful gardens and woodland walks.
Our visit today - just an out of the blue suggestion - took us there at a time when the Rhododendron were in full bloom, a wonderful experience.
It was evident that a lot of damage had been done by this winters weather, many bushes been killed by frozen roots and frost burn.
The big surprise about this beautiful timbered building is that it is made of concrete!


Stephanie Berry said…
Now there's a house I would hate to paint! Where would one start?