Wednesday, 23 June 2010

STONE CIRCLE close up (from a great distance)

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Some of the smaller stones at STONEHENGE come from this area and were probably taken by boat/raft to their new home in Wiltshire. The rock is called 'blue stone' and is thought to have had some special medicinal properties.


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I am not sure that you will be able to scan in far enough to see the Neolithic stone circle below the large field shape towards the left hand side 1/5th along. The whole of this area is covered in bronze & iron age settlements.

GARDEN PROGRESS - blurred edges

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In one week, thanks to expert watering from a friend and lots of sunshine, near the summer solstice, all the vegetables have doubled in size. It is now getting difficult to see the individual plants. Because of the denseness of planting the weeds tends not to get much of a look in. Already some early planting/sowing have yielded their harvest and will soon go to the compost monster. It is time to get sowing again to fill in gaps as they appear.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


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It's good to have fresh eyes open in an unfamiliar place - here in Newport Pembrokeshire. There are so many new spaces, shapes and colours that catch the eye. The blue evening sky gave a perfect opportunity to use a 'cartoon filter' to create a new scene.

Monday, 21 June 2010


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Wales is a place where 'looking' is good, you don't know what you might see next, a rat, a red kite, a massive stone pretending to be a sea-lion and a bird walking on your window ledge on the inside. I haven't got any photos yet, but a young robin came within 3" of our hands.


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All around the Pembrokeshire village of Newport (Trefdraith) interesting things are to be found, old postboxes still in an old wall, a Neolithic burial chamber called a Crymlech ... built 3500 years before Christ, graves leaning against the fierce winds of time and beautiful summer flowers. This is a must as a holiday trip.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Friday, 11 June 2010


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What a lot you can get in a small space!


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As promised to those who asked to see the 'next step' in my three little 'raised, square-foot gardens' here are a few photos.
The sun went in as soon as I got my camera so you are not seeing it at its best. There are so many things in these tiny beds, but always just enough not to get bored with lettuce, beans or whatever. The potatoes in the bags are three different gourmet varieties.
So far the special mustard 'cut and come again leaves' have been the favourite. They taste of 'new potatoes' initially then the taste buds pick up the warm spice of the mustard.
Last week I wondered if the plants would get through the heavy rain, but they did.

Friday, 4 June 2010

URDD EISTEDDFOD (Ear/the Eye/stairth/vod)

Yesterday we went to our first ever URDD Eisteddfod near Aberaeron - Wales. It was wonderful to see not only young people of all ages but visitors of every age. The other thing that impressed us was NO LITTER at all, anywhere.
We went into the big Pavilion tent to watch some of the class competitions - poetry, wind instrument soloists, group speaking and the chairing of the poet, a powerful event giving great honour to the upholding of the Welsh Language.

The Urdd was founded in 1922 by Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards through an appeal in the children's magazine Cymru'r Plant ("the Children's Wales"). The first Urdd local branch was established inTreuddyn in 1922. In 1925 the first "Peace and Goodwill Message" from the youth of Wales to the youth of the world was issued by the Urdd, a custom that continues every year on the 18th May.
The logo of the Urdd is a triangle of green (symbolising Wales),
red (symbolising fellow-man),
and white(symbolising Christ): faithfulness to these three elements is the basis of the Urdd's motto.
A version of this logo with eyes, arms and legs becomes the character Mistar Urdd. (From Wikipedia)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


The last moments of the day are always quite special.
Of course I am just playing again with the last available light plus a bit of 'off the scale' manipulation - but that's how they invented the plane - they pushed it to its limit and it fell off the cliff!


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