URDD EISTEDDFOD (Ear/the Eye/stairth/vod)

Yesterday we went to our first ever URDD Eisteddfod near Aberaeron - Wales. It was wonderful to see not only young people of all ages but visitors of every age. The other thing that impressed us was NO LITTER at all, anywhere.
We went into the big Pavilion tent to watch some of the class competitions - poetry, wind instrument soloists, group speaking and the chairing of the poet, a powerful event giving great honour to the upholding of the Welsh Language.

The Urdd was founded in 1922 by Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards through an appeal in the children's magazine Cymru'r Plant ("the Children's Wales"). The first Urdd local branch was established inTreuddyn in 1922. In 1925 the first "Peace and Goodwill Message" from the youth of Wales to the youth of the world was issued by the Urdd, a custom that continues every year on the 18th May.
The logo of the Urdd is a triangle of green (symbolising Wales),
red (symbolising fellow-man),
and white(symbolising Christ): faithfulness to these three elements is the basis of the Urdd's motto.
A version of this logo with eyes, arms and legs becomes the character Mistar Urdd. (From Wikipedia)