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The problem with acrylics is that if the weather is hot the paint dries on the canvas before you have picked up your next colour. While this is a problem outside, inside it is great to be able to have a cup of coffee and work over a dry painting minutes later. Because they are quick drying 'blending' of colours as in oil painting is very hard to do with all but the runniest of acrylics.
But! .... Atelier have come up with an answer, a strong saturated, easy flowing, quick drying acrylic ... THAT CAN BE RE-WHETTED with a simple spray mister. There is even a spray that enables paint to be brought back to life weeks later.
I have enjoyed my first real attempt to use these paints and look forward to using them outdoors, where I can travel home with a dry painting that can be touched up at home after a quick spray.


susan jenkins said…
Beautiful work, love "while it's fresh". Wonderful!