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Things sometimes take on a life of their own when seen out of context. That's where photography comes into its own. The lock becomes a Welsh dragon, the 'end of post' transforms into a climbing hedgehog and the suds from falling blossom creates stunning patterns. I suppose you could say 'so what', but life would be very dull.


Stephanie Berry said…
Fun photos Gary. I like the painting at the top of your blog too. Hope your garden is growing well. We're having a REAL heat wave so our garden should grow quickly this week. Keep painting!
Gary said…
Hi Stephanie ... you would not believe the lushness of my garden this year, I think the vegetables will take over our home soon, not bad for 5 raised beds 4x4 foot.
I have just walked away from my new painting, it won't be long! It's looking good at this stage ... then for the scary bit.