Posted by PicasaI thought it was time to re-read my Nikon D80 camera guide having used it for some time without looking at the manual. I prefer to learn by trying, by stumbling upon, by accident and by enjoying the process ... then using the manual. I was learning about auto ISO-ing where the camera sets the film speed for the shutter speed or aperture that you set. In this 'dark' situation I got a result which was grainy but better than not being able to shoot at all.
About a year ago I wrote about using very small, fairly poor photographs as starting points for paintings. I will probably use these as starters. What I am looking for are 'patterns' of simplified colour or shadow to begin playing with. Well once again, we shall see.
If you could see me now I am 'SQUINTING' - this is the very special gift to all artists - to squint is to see.