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This is quite a claim - an agricultural show that calls itself THE SHOW - Y SIOE. The Royal Welsh Show at Llanerwydd is THE big show of the year here in Wales. Farmers have been coming to the show for many years, many taking it as their annual holiday, meeting old friends and family. They have been coming for some 25 or more years, not going away anywhere else! It is the showcase of the best that Wales has to offer in terms of sheep, cattle, horses and many other areas.
In the large show rings spread around the site are amazing demonstrations of land management skills, one of which is pictured here. These are the skills of the foresters, climbing 120 foot Redwoods in less than a minute. The camera hardly had time to focus. It was too difficult to take good photos because of the massive crowds.
Set within a stunning basin, surrounded by the most amazing scenery this is very special day out.