'BRYN GLAS' above Drenewydd - acrylic on canvas - £90 (+P&P)

What a diiference a season can make - this summer scene was a complete blanket of rhime and hoar frost this week, a photgraphers dream.


Gary, thanks for introducing yourself. Your paintings and photos are WONDERFUL. I have never traveled abroad nor had enough desire to make it a priority, with the exception of someday touring the UK. Your window on your beautiful country is even more incentive.
Bruce Sherman said…
Hi there Gary!.... Found your wonderful site thru' Rob's... and have enjoyed my first visit immensely I must say!

"I" am particularly drawn to the combination of whimsy... and colour that is present in your painting for sure... but also in your varied interests and your insightful writing!

The pheasant "connection"... is but one of the obvious parallels in our separate journeys!

"I" very much look forward to discovering more... and visiting again!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,