LLANFAIR ROAD - Y DRENEWYDD - oil on canvas - 40x50cm approx - £80 {+P&P)

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The three pictures aim to show the progress from blank canvas to finished painting. I generally start by covering the canvas with a wet coat of yellow ochre or raw Sienna - then with a rag, wipe the paint away from the light areas, revealing the white canvas. Using a strong mix of the starting colour I then paint in, very roughly, the dark areas to lay down the basic tonal structure of the piece. Then the fun begins as this stage has taken less than ten minutes.
This piece was created using a very restricted palette generally known as 'The Old Master's' - Burnt Sienna / Raw Sienna / Payne's Grey. I admit to finding this a challenge with the brand of paint I used, but will try with another make sometime. Restricting the palette forces you to find the most suitable blend from the triad of colours you have. It also means that the colours used each have a family relationship - a root based colour system. Soon I want to try the opposite end of the scale, a 'high keyed triad' - Permanent Rose / Transparent Yellow / Cobalt Blue.