Wednesday, 25 May 2011


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If you are wondering where to go on holiday - for variety, Wales is very hard to beat. We have mountains, hills, very flat and very high. If wildlife is your thing - we have it. Never seen a 'red kite' ... head for Wales. If you want to touch the worlds oldest rocks ... we have a selection to choose from. 'Go West young man' is not such a bad idea. Of course you won't be the first to visit, Neolithic man and all the other 'bands of man' got here first, as did lots of Saints men and women.

Why am I telling you this -- you won't like this horrible place, where it rains non-stop, all the time, where the people are unfriendly and smell!!! So stay away, go somewhere else and see Micky Mouse. Phew! that was close.

Monday, 23 May 2011

This is the logo for LLANfest - it is about MAKING LIFE WORK (our strapline for the venture). The inspiration came from a picture I painted of sunflowers (which Picasa3 seems to have swallowed ... I am still having trouble with it each time it is updated). Since Van Gogh painted his famous bunch it can be seen in so many images and designs. When I can track it down I will post my original painting.


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Sorry to have been away for so long. We have a very special time coming up at three of our churches here in Drenewydd in June called LLANfest ( So, I have been replacing my painting hat with that of graphic designer. Slowly my weeks have been nibbled away. But while I have been doing other things nature just keeps going - changing from day to day. This year here in Wales it seemed as if winter would never go, as beautiful as it was.
Then without warning all everything seems at full catch up speed. Some things even seem to have raced ahead of time while others are being held back by both lack of rain and unseasonably windy weather, sucking up the little moisture there is.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

WILD WALES - windy

What a day - just an hour and a bit from home and we were on the wind and windy coast of North Wales. People were unable to get out of their cars because of the wind pressing on the doors. But what a clarity of air, what a vista. We were able to easily make out Snowdon, all the great peaks, the wide vista that is the Llyn Peninsula and finally Bardsey Island.

On the way back around breath taking lakes, reservoirs and highs and lows I was able to make out Bird Island. Bird Island is very much inland but was once a cliff face right up to the wild sea. Thousands of years on cormorants, shags and other sea-birds still nest on its cliff face.
Our final adventure was to follow a sign to 'Nature Reserve' off the mountain road to/from Machynlleth. DON'T DO IT!! We wondered if we would ever get back ... there is wild and there is WILD ... it was that one. Over an hour later we checked to see if it said 'unsuitable for cars' NO!
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Sunday, 1 May 2011


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Yesterday we went for a short walk to COED (WOOD) GAER FAWR (LARGE FORT) near Welshpool - Mid Wales.
Caer Fawr is a large hill - densely wooded - in which has been discovered a massive hill fort.
An impressive Iron Age hill fort known as Gaer Fawr Camp (a Scheduled Ancient Monument) occupies the summit of the hill with clearly visible ramparts enclosing a flat camp area with two entrances. Here there are areas of non-woodland habitat (grassland, bracken and scrub) and relatively open woodland dominated by mature broadleaved trees with patches of dense younger self-sown trees.
We went both 'to find the place' and to savour 'the best of the bluebells'. I am sure we will go again.


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