LLANfest 2011 - Y Drenewydd

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'How's the painting going?' they ask!
Well for the last month or so many of us have been getting this, that and the other ready for LLANfest, a week of Christian celebration for the local churches of Llanllwcaiairn - Aberhafesp - Newtown .... LL A N (means church in Welsh) ... so Church Festival.
My bit of the jigsaw has been mainly to do with publicity along with others in the team. But there are many other groups involved in 'Feeding - presenting - feeding 50+ students from day til' night - services - flower festival - men's evening / women's evening - feeding students - chip suppers - an evening at the bowling alley, a night with Garin Jenkins (multiple capped Rugby star) - feeding students and did I mention 'food for students'. The students - one group from Birmingham RSPA - Riverside School of Performing Arts have been putting on presentations in local schools and at the carnival. The other, large group, is from Aberystwyth. They have been cleaning toilets, setting up, pulling down, litter picking and lots more .... all the time sharing their faith in Jesus. GR8T!!!!!


Dianne said…
Your paintings are wonderful, so full of color and life! I must tell you that I enjoy your photos too, you capture no less Life in them. And the great faces, makes me want to try more faces in my painting, not portraiture, it's much more fun "interpreting" them. Thanks for sharing your work.
Rob said…
That's not Wales....the sun is shining in some of those photographs!