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The beauty of Wales is that it hard to tie it down. It isn't THIS or THAT, it is many things, has many faces, many facets, so many different moods. Just two days away gave us flat meadows, grey slate, lush woodlands, wild waves, dolphins, deep heavy clouds, pink sunsets and Mediterranean illusions.
Some of the strong colourful images shown here come from Portmeirion in North Wales. It is the creation of the architect Clough Williams-Ellis who changed the name of the secluded port of Aber Ia (Ia is cold, as in ice-cream) to Portmeirion to reflect the name of the County of Merioneth.
Having the wooded bay at his disposal, Clough started to collect things, a fireplace, a column or two, statues from here, there and almost everywhere. From this store he began to put together creations with no coherent style in the conventional sense. Buildings are not what they first seem. The grand frontage of places showing the grandeur of Italy are often false, single story accommodation with a double story front. Look even closer and what seemed like arches and columns are painted on, open windows ... painted illusion. What seems like a genuine Italy fa├žade is in fact a fireplace from the north of England, the columns being found in a farm covered in years of manure and who knows what else!
You may well have seen this place in the 'Prisoners', 'Doctor Who'. Walking around over the years you might well have caught a glimpse of playwrights, pop stars, poets Brain Epstien and one of the Beatles.
Seen from across the estuary from Harlech it looks magical .... better still, it really is!