Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WHAT WOULD THEY HAVE DONE? - what did they do!

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At last I have been able to make a start on my next painting. A quick walk into town to catch where I thought the shadows might be at that time of day ... great! I took lots of shots from many angles plus detail shots of doors, gates, windows and benches. Then using a free photo editor cropped, adjusted and added an effect to get rid of most of the detail.
Now - is this cheating? Would earlier artists have used this software. The answer is a resounding YES. Leonardo was using lenses to obtain perspective, Degas was certainly aware of photography. Later many artists such as David Hockney used his mobile phone as a starting point.
So whatever helps YOU use it ... remember they once said that computers wouldn't take on as an idea, acrylic paint and the car.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


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Perhaps a suitable sub-title to this blog might be 'I SHALL GO TO THE EASEL AGAIN' in the genre of Cinderella. But for the time being we are being VERY WELSH.
This week we are on a week long Welsh summer school in the wonderful setting of Dolgellau. Next week we are at a Summer school in Drenewydd. At the end of these we begin two day long sessions, being trained in the art of PLYGAIN singing. Not long after that we are off to the great EISTEDDFOD in Wrexham.
By the end of this we will be well and truly soaked in Welsh language and culture.

AND THEN .... off to the easel once again 'gobeithio' as we say in Wales.


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