Sunday, 16 October 2011


Posted by Picasa This is me pretending to do my Welsh homework in our newly decorated lounge. At last we have a plain carpet and a colourful bedroom. The Welsh homework turned out to be much harder than when I was pretending to do it.
Shooting out of my head is an Amarylis. All over the house and garden we have both Autumn & Spring flowers side by side. During the day we have 'sun screen' light and at night frost. What an interesting time we are having!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Posted by Picasa (MI AETHON NI I ABERYSTWYTH DDOE) Yesterday we went to Aberystwyth on the West Coast of Wales - halfway up from the bottom on the map.
We are just coming to the end of an exceptional spell of late season 'wall to wall' sunshine, breaking records. In England it is called 'an Indian summer' ... but when we have good weather at the end of September in Wales it is called ‘haf bach mihangel’ – Michael’s Little Summer – St. Michael’s Day being on 29 September.
Along with others I think back just a few weeks ago when I was wearing a thermal vest under a tee shirt at a church service just to stave off the cold.
Aberystwyth is a an interesting place, once neglected but now along with many Welsh seaside towns, coming back to life.
We sat on the beautiful green grass of the castle mount (reaching way back into Welsh history) watching seagulls the size of dinosaurs. But our eyes were peeled looking for whales, porpoise and dolphin. None - not one - even too hot for them!


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