Posted by Picasa Last night I was able to fulfil an ambition ... to be able to sing with a proper Plygain group.
PARTI CUT LLOI (I think 'Little Calf Shed' ... or something similar in Welsh) is a local group of men under the wonderful leading of Sian James.
We heard at Kerry Church a full range of songs from Plygain to solo singing and penyllion. The penillion is a traditional form of Welsh singing poetry, accompanied by the harp, in which the singer and harpist follow different melodies so the stressed syllables of the poem coincide with accented beats of the harp melody. Sian finished, singing with the harp, showing another Welsh tradition, that of seeing who can sing the fastest, usually in a song about goats. Goats of all shapes, sizes and every colour under the sun. I didn't know so many words could fit in so small a space.

At the end of the concert the men were invited to come to the front to join in the 'The Supper Carol'. Although this is often traditionally followed by a supper, the carol is looking forward to not to Jesus' first coming but to His second coming, the start of the wedding supper.
I was able to share and sing with the deep deep bass on the left of the picture. Oh, it was good ... I want more!