FIRST of 2012 - ABERAERON - acrylic on canvas 70x50cm - £200 (+P&P)

Posted by Picasa My first painting for 2012 has been as struggle, but great fun and challenge. It started out as a bright orange colour scheme but every change I made turned into a complete repaint. I changed the colour emphasis and all the colour values came into place (value = the colour value compared to a black & white scale, the darkness & lightness compared). I wanted the feeling of brightness and darkness together. This is quite common in coastal places, where storm and sun are often friends together ... full sunshine and dark, dark clouds as a backdrop.
I may well return to this a do a number of different experiments. The composition is useful with its lead in together with the foreground, middle ground and distance, nicely separated.

We would love to be living here before too long .... please! 


Dianne said…
How wonderful, you're painting again! I love your photos, but I first found your blog because of your paintings. This one is exceptional, all the lively colors in there and the glow in the sky are very inviting. There is also a more confident hand in the style too, I think. Bravo!