MAWDDACH ESTUARY (Fairbourne/Barmouth) - oil on canvas - 50x20cm - £80

Posted by PicasaThis beautiful estuary in North Wales straddles estuary between the two holiday towns of Fairbourne & Barmouth. This has been over many years a very popular holiday destination for people from Birmingham and Manchester. Its little streets were not really meant to take such volumes of traffic ... so ... go out of season and enjoy the splendour of this place, the wildness of its weather and the backdrop of the Snowdownia range.
We have arrived by car or train then walked along a fine pathway after having toileted & coffee-ed. Then crossed the railway bridge, a wonderful childhood memory for many, arriving at the town of Barmouth. After a short stay we were able to take a very small ferry across the estuary, back to our car. Nice, very, very, very windy day!


Dianne said…
That's really lovely. Brilliant.