Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SNOWDONIA from PORTHMADOG - oil on canvas - 20"x16" - £180

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I'm posting this at this stage - possibly unfinished. This is not the final idea in my head, but i am loving it along the way, and may stop at this point. I want to add very sensitively the glow of the setting summer sun coming from the left. Already I know this will be a difficult act. So, for now it will sit like this in its finished/unfinished state.


Stephanie Berry said...

This is perfect as is--don't do anything else to it.

Dianne said...

I think this is one that should stop here. It is so fresh and alive just the way it is. I love the way you've done the trees especially. This is really beautiful!

Gary said...

Thanks guys once again for your seasoned advice - much appreciated.

JBS said...

I'd like to see the sunlight on it. Can you copy it and take the copy further!?


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