Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SOLVA Pembrokeshire - oil on canvas 25x30cm

Posted by PicasaI wanted to paint today even though it was very wet outside and incredibly dull inside, getting so dark in the end I attempted to take a few photos to add to my blog. They have been stretched through editing to get a picture out of the darkness. 
I was trying to conjure that felling on a bright sunny day when the sun is so hot that the sky darkens.

This is the pretty little port of Solva in Pembrokeshire.

Here's a little bit from WIKI ... The rocks at the entrance to Solva Harbour made it one of the most sheltered anchorages between Fishguard and Milford Haven. Solva became the main trading centre of St Bride's Bay in the medieval period, and was important for lime burning. Several lime kilns are preserved in the harbour area. In the 19th century, Solva had around 30 registered trading ships. The fading coastal trade has been replaced by tourism, and the harbour is now a popular boating centre.
The spectacular local cliff coast is popular with walkers, and the classic cliff exposures of Cambrian rocks attract amateur and professional geologists.

Friday, 10 February 2012

WINTER DAWN - 25x30cm - acrylic oncanvas - £80

Posted by PicasaThis painting started life from an idea in a painting book and then got scraped back to its bare bones. From then on it took on a life of its own. Although I haven't actual been to this imaginary place, I have been there in essence for all the elements of the painting are known to me very well but not in this one place.
One thing I do like to do in my work every so often is to scratch back to previous layers, more often than not real jems are revealed.
I look at this scene and know that it is quiet, serene, still, full with natural sounds, cold yet not unpleasant ... but why.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

CRICCIETH sunset - acrylics on canvas - 50x20cm - £80

Posted by Picasa Criccieth is almost at the end of the line from Birmingham to Pwllheli and so has been a well known holiday destination for many from the Midlands. It is definitely a place to investigate otherwise a great deal might be missed.
I have started using a ground of gesso or equivalent mixed with Polyfilla to add some interest to the surface and am really enjoying the experiment.
Last week I was given the offer of displaying my paintings at our local Italian Restuarant.


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