Posted by PicasaSorry I've been away for so long, but every time Google does something that is supposed to help I find my links stop working on my blogger, phone etc. We are back - Croeso pawb!

I want to share with you what I think could be a help to some people who are likely to put too much detail into their paintings and would like to paint more broadly.
I found the free software FOTOSKETCHER on the internet and was amazed, even on my old PC to watch it work. It turns photos into oil, pencil, pastel, cartoon etc. The real joy for me as a painter is to watch it do it. All the time i am asking 'What's it doing now? ... Oh yes, I understand!'
You are able to increase/decrease the size of brush and the abstraction rate from detail to broad brush. You can even add a frame, change brushes, colour range and so much more.