Aubergines are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Posted by PicasaThis week I'm all alone so it is 'Fun Time' with meals. Yesterday I made a wonderful mid-day meal of raw beetroot sprinkled with orange & lemon juice. The acids did the cooking for me while I chopped up the herbs, chilli and other spices. It was finished off with a drizzle of honey, dry roasted, smashed nuts plus dabs of yoghurt. It was a picture to behold. I was going to photograph it ... BUT I ATE IT!
Today was the turn of the Aubergine, which I admit to finding a little uninspiring, until today that is. The aubergine was peeled and cut into 1cm circles, put under a medium grill, brushed with olive oil, salt & pepper. Then grilled and turned until browned on both sides. When soft & ready they were placed on a plate, drizzled with lemon & honey and sprinkled with a selection herbs, chilli, spring onion, or whatever. Then the dish was left to cool. Eaten with slices of home-made herb bread.