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Hi everybody! ... I am still around but have done very little blogging and no painting as we are getting ourselves ready to move to West Wales. So, if you would like to like in beautiful Mid-Wales, we have a house to sell.

Yesterday we were given the chance to go to the biggest farming event in Europe, 'The Royal Welsh'. After many parts of the UK having, earlier in the year being in a state of 'drought', followed by the wettest Spring on record, yesterday was the hottest show date in many peoples memories.

The creature, 'great and small' were just lying down, licking each other.

One of the reasons for going this time in particular was to be presented by the Welsh Local Government Adult and Community Learning service with a prize for designing their new combined POWYS logo. Apparently I won first prize from some 50 submissions. The prize is a very interesting 3D blogging camera. It is amazing to see moving video in 3D!