Recently Ann Aston asked 'Do you paint from memory or sketch? Because I don't drive I tend to gather  my information from photos. But, most importantly I usually have to have a 'feeling' about the place, usually from having 'known' the place or situation well, often over many years. So you could say I am painting from experience. Of course I paint plein air, sketch etc.

Below is an example of how I might take a photograph, quickly and roughly 'square it up' and then set off in a completely different direction.


Jane Aston said…
Thanks for answering me here.
I love painting places, I confess I use photographs, sometimes it annoys me a bit. I like to paint places that are local to me.
I love when the subconscious takes over and mysteriously a painting emerges.
I like the freedom in your painting and overall effect.Your palette is great, very lively.
Do you exhibit, I wonder what kind of things others see in your work.