Hi folks - as some of you will know, we have been trying to move house for some three and a half years now. At this moment I have stopped blogging about my painting because I have stopped painting. We do not want to fill our small house with paintings that are unlikely to sell where we are hoping to move to. I paint very quickly and so produce a lot of work.

So at this moment all my creative energies are going into looking at my old photos and bringing them back to life through editing. I am really enjoying the site JUX and now have a free personal account with them. You will be able to see my new focus by going to:


Jane Aston said…
It's a pity the painting is not selling. I think your work is lovely. Perhaps you will pick it up again.
I like the photos and I like the free place you have chosen to display them. I haven't heard of it before.Will keep a look out for you over there. Best wishes.
Gary said…
Hi Jane - it's not that they are not selling, it is more that I don't want to have loads of new paintings hanging around our small house, before we move to a new part of Wales.