HIRAETH (hear eye th)

This morning I was reminded by our new vicar Nia Wyn Morris of the difficulty of translating a very special Welsh word 'HIRAETH' .. it is a kind of deep, deep, heart longing for home. 
When we first came to live in Drenewydd and found that in November the salmon go upstream in the river Severn to their home, I started to see a picture of struggle powered by an energy. The energy is 'homecoming'. Home (when ideal) is so important - a place where we are known - understood - recognised - sit at the table with friends - a place of common sharing - where we know and are known .
The salmon in the painting (now in Birmingham) have a longing, a HIRAETH, they push on against great odds, across many struggles to arrive at the heart longing.
We can hear the same theme in the spirituals of America & many other lands in songs like 'Going Home'. 


Linda said…
Absolutely beautiful!